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Summer Bicentennial Art Project!

You’ve heard the saying: “It takes a village…” This summer at UPC it will “take a village” to work on an all-congregational art project. Beginning in mid-June, anyone who can tie a knot can participate until the fabric mural is completed. First we have poultry fencing and then we have a design enlarged and printed on vinyl and mounted behind it. Next we take colored fabric strips (about 3 X 9 inches), fold each lengthwise and tie a knot around the fencing: a red strip opposite a red place on the design, a blue strip in front of the blue design. After tying probably thousands of knots, our mural will be finished, and we’ll strip off the vinyl design. On the front of the fencing will be the fabric picture we just created with all the fraying ends and knots on the back. It’ll look a little like needlepoint with all the stitches or maybe a pixelated image. Afterwards a wood frame around the piece will make it ready for use in the sanctuary or Fellowship Hall or the meeting room, maybe a welcome at an entrance. Everyone can help, either before or after worship, or at a meeting, or whenever you want to come into the building. It’ll be fun!

Our design begins at the bottom with a portion of our PC(USA) seal – the curved line symbolizes the baptismal font and the line above, the open Bible. Behind the figures above is the hint of a church structure but one wall is open, meaning everyone is welcome. The figures are of all colors and sizes and are praising God together. A stylized cross is above the “people.” We are using all colors of the rainbow for the design and the background will be neutral – whites and beiges.

We need YOU and we need fabric to complete this work with a target date of dedicating it on Rally Day in September. Please use the bins in Fellowship Hall and the Youth Sunday School room behind the nursery for your fabric donations. They can be random pieces or cut into 3 or 3 ½ by 9 inch strips. Watch for bulletin announcements if you are willing to help cut the larger pieces into strips.