the session

The Session is the council responsible for the ongoing ministry of church.  Its principle role is governing and leading the church through prayerful discernment.  It is comprised of nine Ruling Elders, plus one Teaching Elder (our pastor).  Each Ruling Elder, while in active service to the Session, also serves as a leader in one of the church's committees.  In many cases they serve as active members of multiple committees.  

clerk of session

Judy Marsh

The Clerk of Session is an elder who is elected by the Session.  Their primary duties include:

  • Accurately recording the proceedings of the Session and safely maintaining those records.
  • Maintain the church's membership rolls in the Church Register, as well as records of marriages, baptisms, and deaths.
  • Serve as secretary for congregational meetings.
  • Submit annual statistical reports to the Presbytery.
  • Be well versed in the responsibilities of the Session as described in the Book of Order.
  • Notify the Session and/or congregation of special meetings, describing accurately the business that will occur.
  • Bring official correspondence to the Session and respond per their direction.

Members of session

The Ruling Elders currently serving our Board of Session are:

Rev. Patricia Raube (Moderator)
Ruth Allstadt
Ryan DeLap
Tim Hale
Rich Kastl
Mitch Mueller
Miriam Olin
Jane Park
Angela Ray
Diane Sommerville