finance & endowment

endowment funds treasurer

Dick Wolff

The Finance and Endowment Committee consists of two members from Session, two from the Board of Deacons, and four members elected by the congregation.  An Endowment Funds Treasurer, appointed by Session, is a permanent member of the Committee.  We are responsible for handling the financial affairs of the church.   Our responsibilities include:

  • Developing an annual church budget for Session approval
  • Tracking the Session-approved budget and monitoring all operating and capital expenditures
  • Arranging for audits of the financial records of the church
  • Conducting the annual stewardship campaign and any special campaigns
  • Overseeing the management of endowment funds including reviews of investment performance with appropriate investment professionals
  • Approving all distributions from endowments to ensure that they meet appropriate guidelines set  forth by the donors