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As members of Union Presbyterian Church, we live to serve our Lord, our congregation, our community, and our world. We unite our spirits in faithful, loving commitment to this calling in Jesus Christ and, as a church family, we celebrate the Kingdom of God. 

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A Welcoming Word from the Pastor:

Hallelujah! Sing to the LORD a new song; sing praise to God in the congregation of the faithful. ~ Psalm 149:1 

Grace and Peace!

And welcome to Union Presbyterian Church Online. Union Presbyterian Church is an inclusive, welcoming community of Christian faith. We are an open-minded congregation in the Reformed tradition. Our goal is to love and serve God by loving and serving God’s people. As you look through these pages you will begin to acquire the tiniest flavor of our lives together. You will see us at worship... the centerpiece of our week, our joyful gathering to give thanks and praise to God each Sunday. You will see us at play…enthusiastic, sometimes hilarious fellowship activities that remind us to be grateful for one another’s presence. You will see us at service... as God has so generously given to us, so we give back to our church, to the community, and to the whole world. You will see that we are many ages, many backgrounds, a diverse patchwork quilt of a congregation!
Union Presbyterian Church is a place of…

  • faithfulness…
  • hospitality…
  • action…
  • tender-hearted generosity…
  • energy, intelligence, imagination and love…

As a community of faith, we are linked together in profound ways. In the words of an old proverb, when one of us weeps, the others will taste salt. God has a place for each of us in the church… work for each of us to do. Union Presbyterian Church is a part of Christ’s Church universal: our own, thriving corner of a fellowship that extends back in time to the matriarchs, the patriarchs and the prophets, and forward in time to our own great, great, great grandchildren and beyond. We are part of something much bigger than we are! So welcome! We invite you to experience the building up of faith, the joy of fellowship, and the sharing of God’s love we experience here at Union Presbyterian Church. Won’t you join us as we sing praise to God, in this congregation of the faithful?

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Pat Raube


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