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Walk the Labyrinth Sundays March 5, 12, 19, and 26

Sundays from9:15-10:30 AM: Christian Education

All are welcome to walk the Labyrinth following worship.

We are excited to offer the congregation an opportunity to walk a beautiful indoor labyrinth in our Fellowship Hall on Sundays during March. (For the month of March only, a simple Coffee Hour will be provided downstairs in the former nursery, across from the lounge.)

The labyrinth is an ancient design, dating back at least to the Bronze Age. It is not a maze (designed as a challenge of memory and intuition), but a simple, single path, one way from the border to the center and back again. People walk the labyrinth as a way of experiencing embodied meditation or prayer. For many, it symbolizes the journey of life, or the journey of the soul towards God.

The labyrinth we will be using is patterned on the famous labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral in France. If you choose to walk it, you will be provided with some suggestions for your prayer or meditation, but there is really no “wrong” way to walk it. Your experience will be yours alone!

Our Sunday School classes (children through adults) will walk the labyrinth during the Christian Education hour (9:15-10:30 AM). The labyrinth will be available to all following worship.

As you travel through the days of Lent, we hope you will journey for a while on the labyrinth.