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Union Presbyterian Church
200 East Main Street
Endicott, NY 13760
(607) 748-9651

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Please mark all desired facilities. Any use of the Sanctuary requires prior approval from the minister. Use of other Clergy, Organists or Pianists must be approved by the Session. Arrangements for UPC Pastor, Organist/Pianist, and Sound System are to be handled on a case-by-case basis.
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A 10% reduction is applied to groups with a Church member.
A 40% reduction is applied to recognized groups using the building weekly or monthly. Additional reductions apply to recognized non-profit community and service organizations.

Reservations require 50% down with the balance due before the event.
Note: Church events supersede prior reservations. Notice will be given as soon as possible. 

By submitting this form, you agree to be held responsible for any costs of cleaning and/or damage to the facilities and church property.

Guidelines for use of church property

The following guidelines are set for any group using the facilities of Union Presbyterian Church. Please read carefully before filling out your application. The person or persons signing the application will be present during the use of the facility and will be responsible for seeing that all guidelines are followed.

  1. The group is to use only the area/areas contracted for in the application. The area is to be left in its original condition when the group is finished. Unless special arrangements are made, the group is responsible for set up, rearrangement of furniture and clean up. Trash is to be placed in proper receptacles for pick up. Discounts will be revoked for failure to clean up.

  2. Any damage, malfunction or unsafe condition is to be reported immediately to the Buildings and Grounds contact or the church office. If no one is available, please notify the church office the next business day (607) 748-9651. Any damage caused by the user is the responsibility of that person or group.

  3. Make sure at least the person in charge is aware of the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers (especially in the kitchen) and placement of phones.
    Note: The use of candles in Fellowship Hall has to be cleared with Buildings and Grounds and the Fire Dept. as the system has to be shut down for such use.

  4. If group is using the kitchen make sure they know proper use of equipment. See special guidelines posted in kitchen.

  5. Use facilities only during allotted time period.

  6. There is to be no use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or tobacco products on church property. Except for seeing eye dogs, animals are forbidden without specific approval from the minister.

  7. No food or beverages in the sanctuary. Use of and access to the balcony is prohibited.

  8. Maximum capacity of Fellowship Hall is 125. Maximum capacity of the Sanctuary is 200.

  9. All decorations are to be cleared with Buildings and Grounds. No use of tacks or tape without specific approval.

  10. Building must be vacated before 10 PM for security alarm reasons. If building use is required beyond 10 PM, special arrangements must be made.